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How to Save a Knocked Out Tooth

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Evan
How to Save a Knocked Out ToothYou might not think you need to know how to save a knocked-out tooth, but it is important to act quickly if faced with this situation. The longer the time that passes before placing the tooth back in its socket, the more likely there will be damage done. This blog post will offer some helpful tips on what you should do if your child knocks out their tooth or you knock yours out while eating or cleaning your teeth.  These steps are for adults and children alike!

How to take care of a visible tooth

If you cannot see your knocked-out tooth or broken into pieces, do not attempt to find them all - focus on finding a single piece that has some of the root attached. If multiple pieces are missing from the crown (top) portion but with roots still attached, find the piece with more roots and hold that portion in place.

Reducing the swelling and how to numb any pain

Knocked-out teeth are extremely sensitive, so ice can help ease the pain and make it more comfortable for you or your child. Use an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to protect from freezer burn. Do not freeze solid as this may damage tissues further. If possible, use crushed ice mixed with water instead of straight-up cubes.
Do not apply ice directly to the face or skin. Use a towel, cloth or something else to protect your child's facial tissues from being frozen by accident!

Rinsing your mouth is important

You can use a teaspoon of salt mixed with warm water (about one cup) to rinse your mouth out after the tooth has been knocked out. This mixture will help reduce pain and stinging sensations caused by sensitive tissues in the mouth. It also helps prevent infection until you can visit your dentist for further treatment advice/care.

Contact us ASAP

If you have a knocked-out tooth but cannot find it, or if the above steps do not improve your situation, contact us for an appointment ASAP. We will be able to provide further instruction and guidance on what to do next to help protect the health of your mouth.

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