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Root Canal Silver Spring MD

Root canals often get a bad reputation. The procedure is believed to be painful and cause many problems. Of those who are recommended a root canal, many of them become anxious. Many of the negative beliefs about root canals just aren’t true. A root canal can be an incredibly beneficial treatment that can restore your oral health and preserve the affected tooth. If your tooth needs a root canal, Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group can provide you with the treatment you need.

Are Root Canals Painful?

One of the biggest myths about root canal treatment is that it is incredibly complex and extremely painful. With advances in dental technology, the procedure is much simpler than it used to be. It is also a virtually pain-free treatment thanks to local anesthesia.
Those with a high amount of anxiety or fear may also benefit from dental sedation.

In most cases, a root canal is fairly straightforward. All that needs to be done is drilling a hole into the tooth, removing the pulp, shaping the canals, and then cleaning the tooth’s interior. Once the procedure is complete, the tooth is filled and provided with either a filling or a crown.

When Should I Get a Root Canal?

A root canal is recommended when the pulp inside of the tooth has become irritated, inflamed, or infected. While this often happens because bacteria have gotten into the tooth, it can also happen because the tooth has suffered some form of trauma. When the pulp is affected, you can be left with a significant amount of pain. By removing the damaged pulp, your toothache is alleviated.

A Root Canal Preserves Your Tooth

The goal of a root canal is to save a tooth, preventing an extraction. While an extraction might seem like a simpler solution, a root canal is generally preferred. If you have the tooth extracted, you then need to have the tooth replaced. This means that you will need additional appointments and the overall cost will be higher. With a root canal, your tooth is saved. Following a root canal, your tooth is given either a filling or a crown, which helps to protect it from further harm and strengthen it so that it can continue to function properly for the remainder of your life.

How Can a Root Canal Protect My Overall Health?

When a toothache develops, many people try to ignore it, hoping that it will go away. Avoiding dental care, however, is detrimental. Infections in the tooth do not simply go away. Instead, they only get worse. When you have an infected tooth, you may develop an abscess. This is a small sac that forms at the root of the tooth. It contains harmful bacteria. However, an abscess can rupture, which then leaves the bacteria free to travel into your blood. As the bacteria travel through your bloodstream, your risk of serious health issues increases significantly. A root canal, however, eliminates the infection. If an abscess is present, this will also be treated. By treating the tooth, we can help to protect your overall health from serious issues.

If you are experiencing a painful toothache, a root canal may be necessary. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group at (301) 585-0400 today.
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Root Canal Therapy Silver Spring MD | Metropolitan Dental
Many of the negative beliefs about root canals just aren’t true. A root canal is an incredibly beneficial treatment that can restore your oral health. Call today!
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