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Elderly man smiling while holding a tennis racket and ball. Patient at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group Are you looking for a full-service dental practice that cares about you as a person? Do you want a dentist whose primary goal is to help you design a life-long plan, custom tailored to fit you and your family’s exact needs? Here at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group we are dedicated to preventing and predicting the dental challenges you may face in the future before they happen. In some cases your treatment will require you to visit a specialist that has the advanced training needed to heal and improve your smile. Instead of being referred to several different practices to get the care you need, we have recruited highly trained specialist to Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group.


A prosthodontist is the most qualified dentist you can see if you are missing one or more teeth. Dr. Kabasela has completed dental school and three additional years of educational training during a prosthodontic graduate program. While many general dentists can perform some prosthetic procedures, prosthodontists have dedicated their lives to this type of dental care.


Periodontists and their staff have experience, training, and education on how to keep your gums as healthy as possible, including the tissues attached to your gums.When you have gum disease, a periodontist is the best specialist to help you correct your oral health. They can do scaling and root planing, pocket reductions which decrease the space between your gums and teeth, and even laser procedures to help rid your mouth of excess bacteria.


Orthodontists aim to prevent misaligned teeth and correct teeth that have already become misaligned. Orthodontists also correct alignment issues with the jaw. Orthodontists go out of their way to learn about how to prevent, diagnose, and treat bad bites (usually teeth alignment issues).
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