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Dentist reviewing digital dental records  at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group Regularly visiting a periodontist's office allows you to get better control over your gum health. Periodontists and their staff have experience, training, and education on how to keep your gums as healthy as possible, including the tissues attached to your gums. If you aren't sure why you may need the services of a periodontist, then consider these procedures and how they may benefit your oral health.

Procedures Done at a Periodontist's Office

When you have gum disease, a periodontist is the best specialist to help you correct your oral health. They can do scaling and root planing, pocket reductions which decrease the space between your gums and teeth, and even laser procedures to help rid your mouth of excess bacteria. They can often help with medications that your mouth may need to overcome periodontitis as well.

Some periodontists will also be able to provide oral surgery procedures that directly correlate to them being able to provide periodontal care. These procedures can include grafts, implants, and plastic surgery to help give you back the healthy-looking smile you have been hoping for.

If you have further questions about services our office offers and how they differ from your regular cleanings and exams at a general dentist office, contact our office today. We can walk through how our skills and education are centered around treating gum disease and keeping your gums as healthy as possible.
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