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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency sign inside building at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group A toothache or other dental emergency can leave you in a lot of pain if you don’t get care quickly. Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group understands that the sooner you get care for your dental emergency, the easier it is to help you save the health of your teeth. Emergency patients are always welcome! Whether you have a broken tooth, need a filling, or are simply in pain—our affordable dentists will help as quickly as possible.

Same Day Emergency Visits

Are you without an emergency dentist but experiencing dental pain? Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group offers same-day appointments for new and existing patients. Whether you’ve been here before or are calling for the first time, we will fit you in as soon as you can get to our office.

We commonly help with emergencies like:
•  Broken teeth
•  Knocked out teeth
•  Abscessed teeth
•  Pain, swelling and bleeding
•  Broken fillings, crowns and dentures

Emergency dental patient of Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group relieved that his dentist is always on call existing patients—are you experiencing a dental emergency after hours? Our dentists are always on call. Just call our office to leave a message and one of our dentists will return your call as quickly as possible.

In pain? Broken tooth? Call (240) 650-6181 now! Ask about our special offers on treatments like fillings and crowns.
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