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Primary Teeth and Pulpotomy

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Evan
Primary Teeth and PulpotomyChildren love candy and sugary foods and beverages; however, they pose a huge threat to oral health. Bacteria-causing tooth decay feeds on sugars realizing acids that eat up the enamel. When the condition is left unattended, it damages the dentin exposing the inner tissues of the teeth to infections. The decay may result in a condition referred to as pulpitis, an inflammation characterized by painful feeling. When the condition is at such a stage, the dentists recommend pulpotomy procedures to the kid, but exactly is pulpotomy?


To treat tooth decay, the dentist removes the pulp of the tooth while leaving the root canal pulp intact, a procedure referred to as pulpotomy. The procedure is done mainly on the primary teeth.

When your child complains of sharp pain when taking hot or cold foods and beverages, this may signify pulpitis caused by untreated tooth decay. The pain may result from tooth sensitivity fueled by the severity of the condition. In such situations, consult a dentist for immediate intervention measures.

Unfortunately, an extraction procedure is recommended when your child's condition is in extreme conditions such that the condition completely damages the pulp area, leading to a further condition known as a pulpectomy.

You may need to prepare your child for the procedure by eliminating anxiety and fear of an easy and effective procedure. However, the dentist will ultimately use anesthesia to numb the area of concern and eliminate the pain experienced by the child. After the procedure, closely monitoring your child's eating habits is key in ensuring they maintain a healthy dental environment. Impose strict adherence to limited sugar content in their diet and instill oral care habits. Once the numbness wears off, your child may experience pain; over-the-counter medications may come in handy.

Visit our clinic for safe and comfortable primary teeth pulpotomy procedures for your kids. Contact us today and book an appointment.
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