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3 Surprising Ways Cavities Can Impact Your Dental Health

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Evan
3 Surprising Ways Cavities Can Impact Your Dental HealthTo some people, poor oral hygiene doesn't seem to be a big deal, but having bad dental habits can contribute to cavities and other severe dental issues. Often, many people don't realize how damaging cavities can be to their oral and overall health, yet they are a common dental issue. Here are three ways cavities are likely to affect your dental health.

Cavities Cannot be Reversed

While you can prevent cavities, in the event that they form, you should know that you cannot reverse them. Cavities form as a result of bacteria on the tooth's surface, particularly due to poor oral hygiene. The presence of bacteria on teeth' surfaces creates acid out of sugar we consume. As such, the enamel is damaged or weakened, hence creating tiny holes and openings. Dental treatment for cavities is aimed at preventing later stages of decay caused by cavities.

Cavities Can Mask Themselves

Patients tend to fail to notice changes in the color of their teeth' enamel. As such, they only come to find out about the presence of cavities later, particularly during their next dental cleaning. Therefore, it is crucial that you visit our dentist two times a year or after every six months for checkups and cleaning.

Untreated Cavity can lead to Tooth Loss

The black spots appearing on the teeth can become holes and further turn into tooth loss. If an abscess occurs on the tooth and is not treated, repair of that tooth is unlikely and eventually, you will have to get it extracted. Remember that cavities, in addition to tooth loss, can cause bacteria to form under the gumline, leading to advanced gum disease, and bone and tissue loss.

Find out more about cavities and how you can prevent them. Visit our dental team for checkups and cleanings. Our dentist will look at your mouth, inspect the gums and teeth for signs of cavities or decay, and offer treatment.
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