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How Can You Tell When Your Toothbrush is Old?

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
How Can You Tell When Your Toothbrush is Old?If you follow our recommendation of brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, you are taking an important step to keep your mouth healthy and prevent a wide range of oral health issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, and more. But with all that frequent use, your toothbrush is bound to get worn out and become home to harmful germs and bacteria. In addition to rinsing your toothbrush after each use and storing it upright and uncovered, you should also pay attention to how often you are replacing your toothbrush. We generally suggest replacing your toothbrush every three to four months, but here are some signs that will tell you when it is time for a new brush.

Frayed Bristles

The bristles on your toothbrush are crucial for cleaning plaque, bacteria, and food debris from your teeth. Bristles that appear frayed and worn out rather than stiff and straight are a good indicator that your toothbrush is due to be replaced. If the bristles on your toothbrush become frayed or flattened before the three-month mark, this could be a sign that you are brushing your teeth too roughly. Overbrushing can damage enamel, increase tooth sensitivity, and contribute to gum recession, so be sure to use gentle pressure when brushing your teeth, and ask us to demonstrate proper brushing technique at your next appointment.

Visible Debris

You should be able to clean your toothbrush thoroughly by rinsing it with water after each use. If there is food debris trapped between the bristles or hardened to the bottom of the brush head, it is definitely time to replace your toothbrush.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Toothbrush

There are some instances when you should probably say goodbye to your old toothbrush even if it has not been three or four months yet. If you or someone else in your household has just recovered from an illness, using a fresh toothbrush is a good way to prevent the spread of germs. You should also replace your toothbrush if it was stored in a drawer or travel case for a prolonged period, as covering a moist toothbrush allows it to grow mold and bacteria quickly. Finally, you should switch to a new brush if you drop your old one, it touches someone else's brush, or if you simply cannot remember the last time you replaced it. Call us today if you have questions.
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