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Common Problems Immediately After A New Filling

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
Common Problems Immediately After A New FillingDental fillings are a common type of dental restoration that helps restore a damaged tooth. Upon getting a new filling, you might experience adjustment problems. These problems might make it a bit uncomfortable to use the fillings during the first few days.

Pain Around the Filling and When You Bite

Upon getting new dental fillings, you might experience pain around the gums and dental fillings. Also, you might experience pain when you bite down into foods. This pain is a result of the filling interfering with the bite. If you experience this type of pain after getting new dental fillings, come to our offices to have them reshaped.

Tenderness After Treatment

A few moments after getting your dental fillings, you might experience some tenderness and sensitivity in the area. In most cases, this pain can last up to two weeks after the procedure. If this period elapses and you are still experiencing pain, book an appointment with us immediately.

Toothache Pain

If you had a deeper decay than you initially thought, the dental filling might not be the appropriate solution since the toothache will still present itself. Experiencing severe toothaches after a dental filling procedure might indicate that you need a root canal. If you notice any of these signs, book an appointment with us immediately. Our professionals will carefully examine the dental fillings and suggest the best remedy.

Pain When Teeth Surfaces Touch

If you notice a sharp pain when your new fillings get in contact with another dental restoration, it could be due to the impact of metal surfaces touching. As much as this pain is sharp and can sometimes get unbearable, it resolves on its own after a short period. However, if the pain doesn't disappear after several days, let us know immediately. It could be due to an underlying condition that needs treatment. Contact our offices for more information on the common problems you might experience after getting new fillings.
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