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Perks of Getting a Custom Mouthguard

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
Perks of Getting a Custom MouthguardWhile you can get mouthguards off the shelf at a store, it is much better to have a custom mouthguard made. Doing so will ensure a secure and snug fit and will better protect your teeth.

How Is a Custom Mouth Guard Used?

A custom mouthguard protects your teeth if you suffer from bruxism (grinding and clenching the teeth). It also can be used for sports activities or when you are involved in contact sports. In either case, a custom mouthguard ensures added protection, as we make the device, so it is designed especially for you. You do not get this type of protection if you buy a guard and fit it to size.

Major Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard

One of the major perks of wearing a custom mouthguard is safety. According to one study in the Digital Journal that covered mouthguard use among football players, players that wore a custom mouthguard suffered less from concussions. In turn, players who used over-the-counter mouthguards had more injuries. In addition, a custom mouthguard provides a more comfortable fit. Therefore, a player, or anyone suffering bruxism, will wear the mouthguard more often or prefer using it over a store-bought guard when protecting their teeth.

The Downside of Store-purchased Mouthguards

Mouthguards purchased from a store are usually called boil and bite mouth guards. You must boil these mouthguards first before fitting them in your mouth. The boiling can make the plastic thin, so you may tear the guard while trying to fit it. The thinner plastic also makes this mouthguard much less protective.

Are you a good candidate for a mouthguard? If so, let us know, and we can discuss what we will do to customize a mouthguard for your oral health needs. Give us a call today for an exam and consultation. We can arrange a time that is convenient for you.

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