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How Does Flossing Actually Boost Your Oral Health?

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
How Does Flossing Actually Boost Your Oral Health?For better oral health, we advise our patients to floss at least once a day. Most people do not floss because they are not aware that flossing every day can prevent tooth decay. Learning how flossing affects your oral health will help you understand the importance of flossing. The following are reasons why flossing can boost your oral health.

Flossing Gets Rid of Trapped Food Particles

Trapped food particles between your teeth can cause a lot of harm to your teeth and gums. These particles often get stuck during chewing. Even if you have used a toothpick to remove the stuck food particles, toothpicks can't get rid of bacteria between your teeth, but flossing can. These bacteria are responsible for causing gingivitis, which can develop into periodontitis.

Flossing Gets Rid of Plaque

Ensure that you floss your teeth after brushing to help eliminate plaque that you missed while brushing. Plaque can hide in between your teeth, in the tight spaces that brush bristles can't often reach easily. Plaque contains bacteria that can cause dental infections and oral diseases.

Flossing Stimulates the Gum

Gum stimulation makes your gums appear pink and healthy. If you do not floss, the plaque trapped between the teeth can reach the gums and cause gum irritation. Since the gums are made of soft tissue, it will be easier for bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause health-related problems such as hypertension and arthritis.

Flossing Helps You Examine Your Mouth

Most people rarely examine their mouth to see if you have dental problems. When flossing, you can use a mirror to check if your teeth and gums are okay. If you notice anything strange, you can contact our offices to get help from our professional dentists. Visit our offices if you want to get treatment for gum disease.
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