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Is Using Expired Toothpaste Bad For Your Oral Health?

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
Is Using Expired Toothpaste Bad For Your Oral Health?Expired toothpaste is not harmful to you, but it is not beneficial to your oral health. The fluoride in the toothpaste can only last up to two years. It is the fluoride that helps protect the teeth and keep them healthy. Without it, you will expose your teeth to bacteria that might end up causing dental diseases. Therefore, you should not use expired toothpaste because of the following reason.

[[[H2:Expired Toothpaste Has Inconsistent Texture]]
After the expiry date, some toothpaste will begin to harden. Also, it will not have a consistent texture. Using such a toothpaste might harm your gum and other delicate tissues found in the month. The inconsistent texture will not allow for proper cleaning when brushing; this also interferes with your oral health.

Expired Toothpaste Contains Growing Fungi and Bacteria

Fungi and bacteria will start to grow once the shelf life of the toothpaste is over. Foreign fungi and bacteria are harmful to your oral health. Bacteria is responsible for causing dental diseases such as cavities; that is why using expired toothpaste can be bad for your oral health.

Expired Toothpaste Tastes Bad

Once the two years' elapse, the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the toothpaste begin to separate. The flavoring also starts to disappear, and this is what makes it bad for your taste buds. The new flavor can be awful and might end up lasting for long in your mouth. Some also release a terrible odor that is not good for your breath.

Get a New Toothpaste

Always check on the expiry date of your toothpaste. Once it expires, it is better to get a replacement. Using good toothpaste is suitable for your oral health and hygiene. If are unsure of the type of toothpaste you should use, or how to about your dental hygiene, feel free to contact our office.
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