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How Tartar Damages Your Enamel

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
How Tartar Damages Your EnamelTartar is a hardened composite of microbes and biofilm that adheres firmly to the enamel, causing various degrees of damages if not removed on time. The outer layers of the tartar can break away into the digestive system, further spreading the bacteria and dead cells inside your body. The tartar deposits could end up clogging your blood vessels and obstructing blood flow around the body.

The hardened layers of tartar that stick to the teeth can cause a wide range of dental problems, from gum infection to tooth decay, and bad breath.
Tartar builds up inside the mouth as a result of negligence in oral care. Simple oral care practices like regular brushing and flossing can make your mouth inhabitable to tartar buildup. But once the tartar builds up into a critical mass, the intervention of our dental experts is needed to prevent any further damage and restore the enamel.

The Effects of Tartar on Your Enamel

Tartar is precipitated by plaque, which forms when bacteria deposits colonize and multiply on composites of saliva, food, and fluids stuck around the teeth and gums. Plaque calcifies over time, and within 24 – 72 hours, turns into what's known as dental calculus, or tartar - a sticky, yellowish (or sometimes colorless) biofilm that fastens to your enamel. Once plaque sets into tartar, it becomes a situation that can no longer be reversed by regular brushing or flossing.

The bacteria in the tartar secrete acidic compounds that can create cavities in the enamel and induce tooth decay. If allowed to fester, it can lead to discoloration, bleeding, swollen, or receded gums, bad breath, and other dental issues.

If you've been hit by tartar buildup, you don't need to despair. In fact, studies show that about 1 in every 3 people is walking around with tartar. The key to reversing the damage of tartar and restoring your enamel is a timely dental intervention. Call our office today and let us rid you enamels of any risks associated with tartar.

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