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Cancer Treatment is Tough, So Make Sure to Keep Your Mouth Clean

Posted on 4/25/2020 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
Cancer Treatment is Tough, So Make Sure to Keep Your Mouth Clean If you have cancer, you need to visit our office more often, as the treatments for cancer can compromise your oral health. Therefore, we recommend that you visit us two times or more in a year if you are receiving radiation treatments or chemotherapy.

Why Cancer Treatments Can Affect the Teeth and Gums

Because cancer treatments stop or slow the growth of cells, they can trigger changes in the mouth's lining and salivary glands. When this happens, it can upset the balance in the mouth of healthy bacteria. That is why you need to see us more often if you are undergoing cancer therapy. Oral complications are frequent in cancer patients, especially those being treated for cancer of the head or neck.

How to Control Dental Complications

It is important for us to collaborate your dental treatments with your oncologist. By taking this approach, both of us can work at preventing any oral complications that may impact your dental health. Preventative care before and during cancer treatments will minimize the severity of any oral complications. When there are fewer complexities, your quality of life will improve. That is why, again, you need to regularly see us if you are undergoing therapy for cancer.

How the Dental Goals Change Before, During, and After Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments

Before cancer therapy, our goal is to address existing dental problems and help you prepare for the upcoming treatments. During the therapy, we focus on preventing oral complications and managing any problems that happen to emerge. After cancer treatments, we concentrate on keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy, and managing any long-term effects of the treatments. As you can see, this type of dental approach is important to your oral health and future prognosis. That is why, again, you need to coordinate your cancer treatments with our dental practice. Make it your goal to follow a conscientious routine of dental hygiene while taking the needed measures to treat your condition. Contact our office today if you would like to learn more or need to schedule a routine exam and cleaning.
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