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Things to Keep in Mind If You Lose a Dental Crown

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group
Things to Keep in Mind If You Lose a Dental CrownThe majority of people who receive a dental crown, expect it to last for about maybe 10 years, hopefully 15 if they are very careful. However, that doesn't always hold true for everyone who has dental crowns. Every person is different and how each person cares for their teeth is different and accidents do happen.

Dental crowns can and do crack, chip and they come loose. Depending on the material used to make your crown it could indeed be more prone to breakage than say someone else's crown made of another material. More often than not, when a crown breaks it is not an emergency, but that being said, when a crown breaks, sometimes it is an emergency. So, here are some things you should do and know after losing a dental crown.

Responding to a Broken or Missing Crown

First and foremost, inspect the crown and the tooth underneath it if at all possible. This is what will help you determine if it is an actual emergency or not and how fast to call to make an emergency dental appointment.

If you actually have the crown, simply hold on to it. Call the dentist immediately. They may even tell you to put the crown back on the tooth with the aid of some temporary denture adhesive. For the most part, a dentist should be able to re-apply a crown that is loose or even off if the crown is still in good condition. If you can't find the crown, then the important thing to know is not to panic. A new crown can always be made and applied to the tooth.

What Next?
When should you make an emergency dental appointment? If the crown or the tooth underneath the crown has a jagged sort of edge or an angle that could actually injure your tongue or cheek tissue. Naturally, if you are in significant and severe pain, if your crown will present a choking hazard. Since it is just dangling and not completely detached, or you are unable to remove the crown successfully yourself, it will require treatment.

If you see that your crown broke off cleanly and clearly and you are not experiencing significant pain, then the need for an emergency appointment with our dentist is not necessary. That being said, you do want to schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible so that you are able to protect your exposed tooth and prevent further problems.

It is recommended that you schedule an appointment with us approximately one week after losing your crown. If you have experienced a cracked or broken crown and need to schedule an appointment, please call our office as soon as possible and we will schedule you in as quickly as we can.
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