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Crown Lengthening Could Give You Back Your Smile

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Periodontal Associates
Crown Lengthening Could Give You Back Your SmileCrown lengthening can benefit many people who suffer from different ailments. The most common problem we see in patients who are considering a crown lengthening is a “gummy” smile.

A gummy smile is characterized by an excessive amount of gum tissue covering the teeth. It is often times caused by abnormal dental eruptions, but also may be caused by medical conditions relating to genetics.

What is the Process?
Crown lengthening varies on time depending on how many teeth need the procedure. Typically, the procedure will affect more than one tooth as it is common practice to help reshape the gum of the surrounding teeth as well as the affected tooth. We will apply a local anesthetic to the affected area so that it will become numb for the procedure.

Our periodontists will then cut the gum from the teeth and expose the root of the teeth. From this stage of the procedure, it may be necessary to remove bone around the root area. After the bone is smoothed, we will stitch the gum in place. You can expect the healing process from start to completion to take three months with proper care.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening can create a more even smile by exposing more of the tooth and shaping the gum line. Unlike other surgeries, crown lengthening does not require upkeep to be maintained and a one-time treatment is good enough for most patients. Alongside the cosmetic benefits, crown lengthening also offers dental hygiene benefits. When the tooth is covered by gum, it can be difficult to take care of them properly and this could make you more vulnerable to dental disease. Since crown lengthening exposes more of the tooth, they become easier to brush and in turn, healthier.

If you are considering a crown lengthening procedure, you can contact our office for more information and schedule an appoint to further discuss the benefits of crown lengthening. Thank you for taking the time to learn how you can improve your dental health and get back a beautiful smile.