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You Should Never Use Your Fingernails to Pick Food Out of Your Teeth

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Jasmine Marshall
You Should Never Use Your Fingernails to Pick Food Out of Your TeethWhen we are eating food, it's only natural for some pieces to get stuck in between our teeth. This is very prevalent, especially when you are eating crunchy and fibrous foods.

When that happens, the discomfort caused by the food stuck in between the teeth brings you to try and remove the pieces as fast as possible. In most cases, the most ideal tool you can find at a moment's notice is often your fingernails. However, even though you might be successful in removing the piece of stuck food, you are placing yourself in a lot of danger.

Here is why:

Germs Under The Fingernails

Although most people try and wash their hands as often as possible, they don't usually focus as much on cleaning under the fingernails. Through the day, we make contact with a lot of surfaces and tend to scratch different parts of our bodies with said nails. As such, there is often a host of germs and bacteria residing under the nails. When you then use the same nail to remove food particles, you are giving the germs a straight passage into your body where they can cause havoc and bring you stomach aches and the like.


Although they might provide some relief at some point, it's important to remember that the nail was not meant for this purpose and as such it's quite ineffectual at this job. Therefore, you might find yourself trying to get the stuck piece several times before you can reach it. Even when you do, you can just get a piece of it and not the whole thing prompting you to try again. While doing that, you can easily cause damage to your enamel and gums, which will mean having to go the hospital or exposing yourself to infections.

Although it's quite uncomfortable having food stuck in between your teeth, it's important to use the appropriate tools to get the particles out. Using a piece of dental floss is essential because not only is it great for your teeth, it's fast and easy to use. That way, you remove everything and stay comfortable.
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