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Why You Never Want to Ignore Pain When Biting Down

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Jasmine Marshall
Why You Never Want to Ignore Pain When Biting DownPain should never be ignored—especially when it comes to your oral health. Pain is the body's way of telling you something is wrong. Pain is always a sign or symptom of a problem and can indicate a problem that has been ongoing for a long time.

It is important to not ignore the pain you may be experiencing because it may be possible that you are putting off much needed treatment. If you are experiencing pain after biting down on food or just biting your own teeth, it can be a sign of many issues.

Why Might You Feel Pain When Biting Down?

Feeling pain as a result of biting can be a problem related to many different issues. One of the best ways to find the issues is to identify the location the pain stems from. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD for short, is one cause of pain when biting down.

In general, the pain felt from TMD is in the jaw muscle located below the cheek bone. It may also be possible that the pain from TMD occurs when not biting down or clenching your teeth. If pain persists as dull or numb feeling after releasing your bite, this is a good indication for TMD.

Another issue that stems from pain while biting down is damaged teeth. Teeth experiencing pain in this way can be damaged either from decay or physical damage to the tooth. If the pain is located in the mouth, it is a good indication that you may have damaged teeth. It is always possible to visibly examine your teeth in the mirror as well. Often time you will be able to see the tooth, which is causing the pain as the gum area around the tooth might be swollen or red.

If you experience pain while biting down, it is necessary to get a professional medical opinion about the cause of pain so that the cause can be identified properly. If the pain goes unchecked the problem causing the pain can become exacerbated and lead to other problems. Please give us a call if you are experiencing pain and schedule an appointment with us. We will examine your mouth and find the cause of the pain.
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