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Shades of Lipsticks That Can Hide Dental Stains

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Jasmine Marshall
Shades of Lipsticks That Can Hide Dental StainsMakeup can be a beautiful accent to your natural look; it is often used to accentuate a person's preferred features. Lipstick draws attention to the mouth, highlighting the smile. But, what if your shade of lipstick is showcasing dental stains?

Everyone is bound to incur some staining over time. Many of us enjoy food and drink that can cause staining over time. Most staining can be removed by our office, and whitening is also an option; but for a quick fix, here are some shades of lipstick that can hide dental stains.


When choosing a pink lipstick, look for one that has blue undertones instead of yellow. This is sometimes difficult to discern, especially in certain lights. So, if you are going for a pretty pink look, try to choose a berry-colored pink. These have violet undertones that will help contrast any yellow in the teeth. Warm, fleshy pinks can cause the teeth to look more yellow than they actually are.


In general, nude lipsticks will not help the appearance of the teeth. Nude shades tend toward brownish, yellow undertones that will emphasize any brownish, yellowy undertones in the teeth. If you want to wear a nude lipstick, try to pick a more pink-colored nude.

Dark and Red Lipsticks

Darker shades will emphasize yellow tones in teeth. There is an exception, though: Dark, berry wine-colored lipsticks can help make teeth appear whiter. Look for a dark shade that has purple tones (think blueberry, not cranberry). Red lipstick usually has undertones of pink, orange, or blue. As discussed, blue undertones are the best for concealing dental stains and providing a bright, white effect. A red lipstick with a pink undertone will not have too strong an effect, but a red lipstick with an orange undertone is likely to make teeth appear more yellow.

While lipstick can disguise or highlight dental stains, it is best to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, and have any stains removed in our office, twice a year. If you haven't yet scheduled your biannual cleaning, give us a call today!