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Why Some At Home Whitening Solutions Leave Your Teeth Overly Sensitive

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Jasmine Marshall
Why Some At Home Whitening Solutions Leave Your Teeth Overly SensitiveTooth whitening is becoming more and more popular. Let's face it, your teeth are your window to the world and everyone notices and appreciate a great smile.

But if you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or tea or are simply getting older, your teeth begin to discolor. And let's face it, it is not a uniform process. Some teeth may look fine while others may be losing their bright look. Enter the teeth whitening process.

There Are Several Whitening Options Available to You

As you know, you can whiten your teeth in many ways. It can be done in the office, you can use whitening strips, at-home trays, or even just toothpaste. Each of these methods has their benefits and each also has their side effects. Much depends on what is used to whiten the teeth, the condition of your teeth when you begin the process and how well you follow the directions.

What we know for certain as dental professionals, is that before you embark on the teeth whitening process, you should have us assess your teeth and gums and fix anything that could cause you problems. Teeth sensitivity could be one of these problems.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity When Using Whitening Products?

Over the counter tooth whiteners basically, use the same bleaching agent which is a form of peroxide. The effectiveness could depend on the delivery method, but the delivery method also affects the strength of the whitening agent. The strength of the whitening agent has frequently been the source of the sensitivity problem, though it can also be that your teeth or gums should have been prepared prior to starting the treatment.

We advise that you first ensure that your teeth and gums are ready for the treatment. Then you should start with the lowest strength solution of the method you chose. If you experience sensitivity, stop the process. It has irritated your gums and should self-resolve. If you have questions, feel free to call us.
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