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My Gums Are Swollen Around One Tooth, What Could This Be?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Evan
My Gums Are Swollen Around One Tooth, What Could This Be? Swelling of gums can indicate various things including infection, irritation from hard or frayed toothbrushes, or even poor-fitting dentures and other oral appliances. However, swelling of gums occurring around one tooth is most likely an infection known as a tooth abscess. An abscessed tooth can contribute to a lot of pain. If not treated, the infection forces its way to other areas including the jawbone, whereby it causes serious concerns like tooth loss and bone resorption.

What Causes Tooth Abscesses?

When you develop a cavity and it's not treated by cleaning and filling it, bacteria can enter the inner pulp region and infect it. The infection may further spread, attacking the gum tissue surrounding your tooth. It is from this infection that an abscess is created.

Abscesses can arise when gum disease makes the gums detach and pull away, leaving open pockets that allow food to be dislodged in there. As a result, infection is bound to occur.

How Can You Suspect an Abscess?

A number of symptoms may point toward the presence of a tooth abscess. You may have pain when you chew. There may be a salty taste in your mouth. Your face or jaw may also swell, and you could have a fever. Furthermore, the tooth may become extremely tender to touch or sore.

A telltale sign of tooth abscess is the presence of a pus-filled pimple within the gums, referred to as a draining fistula. The pimple may even rupture to release the discharge. Additionally, you may have pulsating or throbbing that doesn't go away when you take OTC pain medications.

Treating an Abscessed Tooth

A tooth abscess has to be treated immediately since it is a serious condition. A dentist clears the infection by draining the discharge from the tooth, bone, and gum structures. Antibiotics may be prescribed to fight the bacteria. Thereafter, root canal therapy is performed to cleanse out the pulp and canals and seal the space to prevent reinfection. If not, an extraction may be done and an implant placed, instead. Contact us if you have swollen gums to examine them!

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