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Dental Care: Types of Dental Care Professionals

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
Dental Care: Types of Dental Care ProfessionalsDental care has several different specialists that have different functions. Dental care is vital for general well-being and oral health. The following are the types of dental care professions.

General Dentist

A dentist is skilled in diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medication to patients. They have excellent knowledge of the human body and oral diseases. The main duty of a dentist is to prevent and protect teeth from decay and general oral health. Dentists primarily work in public dental hospitals, community dental care, community dental care, and general hospitals.

Dental Nurse

Dental nurses primarily offer assistance and support to a dentist in dental care. They assist by ensuring all equipment needed by a dentist is available and sterilized, looking after patients who have undergone any type of surgery, and maintaining patient records. They are also helpful in answering any concerns and questions a patient might have.

Dental Therapist

A dental therapist carries out routine dental work. This might entail regular checkups in schools, elderly homes, and prisons. Dental therapists mainly conduct oral health education, including advising people to stop smoking and training children to brush and floss their teeth. Dental therapists perform dental cancer screening, clinical examination, scalping, and teeth polishing.

Dental Technician

Dental technicians work on prescriptions from doctors and dentists to make dentures, crowns, bridges, and braces used to improve patients' appearance, speech, and chewing abilities. There are several specialists under dental technicians. They include Orthodontic technicians, restoration technicians, clinical dental technicians, maxillofacial technicians, and prosthodontic technicians. All these technicians have their specialties, and they work with dentists to fulfill the needs of patients.


Generally, the dental world has different types of specialties that work together to achieve the needs of patients who need help in case of an issue with oral health. All of them are qualified, trained, and regulated to provide quality services.

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