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What is a Tooth Abcess?

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Evan
What is a Tooth Abcess?A tooth abcess is an extremely painful condition in which a pocket of pus develops near an infected tooth. The abcess is caused by oral bacteria that has invaded the tooth and can form at the tip of the root (periapical abcess) or in the gums (periodontal abcess).

At Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group, your doctor and your doctorcan treat this painful condition by disinfecting your tooth, draining the pus, and getting rid of the infection.

What Causes Tooth Abcess?

A periapical abcess occurs mainly due to poor oral hygiene. Infection-causing bacteria invade the inner sanctum of the tooth which houses the dental pulp through a cavity or a fracture. The dental pulp consists of dental nerve, blood capillaries, and connective tissues that support the tooth. If left untreated, this infection will spread to the very tip of the tooth root and results in swelling and inflammation.

Whatare the Symptoms of Tooth Abcess?

Tooth abcess may be marked by several oral health issues. These include:
•  Acute and persistent pain that starts at the tooth and radiate to your ear or neck region.
•  Tooth becoming very sensitive to hot and cold sensations.
•  Sharp pain when biting or chewing with an infected tooth.
•  Facial swelling.
•  A pimple-like bump on the gums, cheek or soft tissue near the tooth.
•  Swollen lymph nodes.
•  Fever.
•  A foul taste in the mouth due to a formation of fistula that excretes the pus from the abscess into the mouth.
•  Bad breath.
•  Difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

A tooth abcess is a serious condition and can result in complications if not treated. If your abcess ruptures, you will feel a lessening of the pain in your tooth but you will still need to get treated to disinfect your tooth. If the pus is not drained properly, the infection can spread to your jaw, neck, and head. In addition, an abcess can also damage the hard tissues in your jawbone resulting in low bone density, which can pose issues for dental restorations in the future.

Your tooth abcess will not disappear on its own and it puts you at risk of developing sepsis, which can be life-threatening, especially for people with compromised complications.

Fortunately, at Metropolitan Dental Specialty Group, we can treat your tooth abcess the right way. We will also recommend a root canal surgery to eliminate infection from the tooth and restore the tooth to its former health.
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